2nd Annual Toys for Tots Tournament
and All Star Invitational

All Star Matches

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All Star 170lbs & Under

Finals MatchMike Padilla vs Nick Ronan
Semi-Final Matches Nick Ronan vs Dillion 'D-Boy' Massington

Mike Padilla vs Keith Krikorian

Quarter-Final Matches Nick Ronan vs Jack Tankersley

Steve Covas vs Dillion 'D-Boy' Massington

Nick 'Turtle' Manela vs Mike Padilla

Don Odgers vs Keith Krikorian


All Star 170lbs & Over

Finals Match Leon Jackson vs Evan Leve
Semi-Final Matches Leon Jackson vs Steve Wilson

Brian Sheehan vs Evan Leve

Quarter-Final Matches Leon Jackson vs Polo Lokko

Brian Sheehan vs Ed Mccay

Evan Leve vs Eddie Pantoja

Steve Wilson vs Guitano Mione